Grenadier Barbarians

Mark Copplestone’s Barbarians still look as great today as when they first appeared over 22 years ago.


Luckily, despite the sad demise of Grenadier Miniatures in 1996, this range is pretty much still fully available from various suppliers who have the rights to the moulds.

You can find them very easily as new figures on ebay however people do try to sell original 1992 figures as ‘rare’ or ‘OOP’ with price tags to match. £35 for 9 figures on ebay as I type and a single second hand Barbarian Shaman figure (the one with the skull mask holding a  flint dagger above his head) sold for over £5 a few weeks back. The exact same figures can still be bought new for about £2 each and that’s usually including UK postage.

Second hand versions can bought for sensible prices, well below £2 a figure if you sit tight and be patient. Definitely no need to pay over the odds!

Although the figure on the bottom right of this picture came with a job lot of second hand Grenadier Barbarians it clearly isn’t a Mark Copplestone sculpt at all. He has more of a Nick Lund feel about him both facially and in his gait. Unfortunately his previous owner had removed him from his base/tab so I have no clues about his real origin.


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