Pre-Slotta Ral Partha/Citadel Wizard

This guy was part of a job lot of lead off eBay. His previous owner had painted him well but his staff looked suspiciously like it had sheared off just above the hand at some point prior to his painting. Spotting another one listed on eBay confirmed my suspicions about the broken staff.
After stripping him in dettol I cut away his old staff from his hand and robe, micro drilled through his hand and replaced it with a very basic wire/green stuff replacement seemingly not too dissimilar from his original but with the staff butt touching the floor rather than his robe.
I based him using GW agrellian earth heavily blobbed over a red/orange/yellow swirly base and allowed to dry for a couple of days, then black painted on the crusted tops of the cracks. Unfortunately the bright flame colours got lost after I varnished the model with a cheap external satin wood varnish that was supposed to dry clear – it didn’t and has left a slight murky brown look to the base after drying and filling the cracks a bit too much. I subsequently spray varnished him using matt aerosol afterwards.


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