Grenadier Storm Giant

I bought a job lot of old lead on eBay and this old boy (minus most of his left arm, broken off at the bicep) was amongst it.
I’ve previously owned this figure, purchased from a small model shop in Stockport circa 1989/1990, although both the shop and my original model are now long gone of course. Back then on removing him from the blister pack I was disappointed with the sculpt and nearly 25 years later I still felt the same as he sat stripping in Dettol.
He’s supposedly a storm giant, hence the wind blast from his hand and the big beard reminiscent of billowing cloud – all good from the front. What disappoints me is the back of the figure. He appears to be dressed in a playsuit rocking a ‘utility belt’ à la Batman – a distinctly odd combination for a storm giant I feel.
Anyway, as this latest purchase was missing his left ‘wind blast’ arm it seemed a perfect opportunity to get the green stuff out and do a quick conversion and make him more of a ‘standard giant’.
As he’s quite gangly in proportions he reminds me of the old Citadel C28 Giants so I wanted to emulate them in his weapons and equipment – tree branch style club and rough improvised shield that was an old wooden door.


Whilst trying to bend his right arm out from his body to accommodate the club I managed to snap his right hand off – the joys of old metal and a ham fisted modeller. The bracer now hides the re-glued join at the wrist.
I tried to fill his visible panty line in with milliput superfine because I’d mixed some for something else but that didn’t quite work out properly. A quick paint over with GW Liquid green stuff seems to have helped. The standard green grey milliput still visible on his left shoulder and texture on the base are remnants from his previous owner that dettol hasn’t removed.


I’ll get around to painting him eventually, with full length trousers now at least.


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