Mantic Ghouls


These guys from Mantic perfectly match my image of ghouls – balding, fanged consumers of corpses dressed in rags; shrieking, meeping and clawing their way through the battlefields, graveyards and mausoleums of fantasy games everywhere – especially my RPG city game where they dwell underground and unnoticed by the rest of society in the city’s burial grounds, competing with a tribe of feral cannibalistic children for human corpses.

I spotted a seller on eBay that sells individual sprues of these rather than whole units. So a sprue of 2 ghouls for only £1.75 post free, which fitted my curiosity as to how these looked in the plastic without purchasing a whole unit at full price.
They arrived very quickly but despite being packaged well some of the fingers/thumbs had snapped off one of the torsos. Whether this had happened in transit or before they’d been packed I can’t say as I’d thrown the jiffy bag into the bin before I noticed. Not such an issue as ghouls must claw around in grave dirt and occasionally lose fingers trying to rip open coffins and squabbling over corpses with fellow ghouls I reckon. One thing I did think a bit odd on the sprue was a hand weapon resembling something between a baseball glove and Freddy Krueger’s razor fingers. A strange choice for ghouls but optional to use of course.

They painted up very quickly using GW Rakarth Flesh, Agrax Earthshade, Druchii Violet and VGC Dead White mixed with Rakarth Flesh for the skin and VGC Dead Flesh, Athonian Camoshade and VGC Bonewhite mixed with Dead Flesh for the rags.

I can’t justify buying a whole regiment of these fellas just now as I don’t plan on building an undead army until someone releases a decent unarmoured plastic skeleton regiment. If that happens I’ll buy more of them without a doubt.


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