Ral Partha War Wizard

Bob Olley has had a long and varied career spanning over 30 years, producing miniature ranges for a lot of companies. His early works that I’m aware of were very hit and miss for my tastes – Essex Miniatures and the Iron Claw range for GW are the two that spring immediately to mind (that said Essex Miniatures still produce a wizard of his I love – resplendent in massive pointed hat and holding what I think of as a magical toilet brush. Do I need a miniature to represent the head of the Latrine Guild in the RPG I run? What are Essex’s delivery rates again?..)

Back on track however, this Ral Partha piece is a great sculpt and shows Mr.Olley’s skills off beautifully.


If I have one small criticism though it’s the outstretched hand – no detail on the upward facing palm or fingers, it’s pretty much a flat piece of metal. Was this miniature originally designed with extra items to sit on the hand?


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