Long time no posts. All the usual reasons for that of course but I’ve still been painting and have lots of projects lined up for the future.

Here’s a couple of trolls I’ve painted using Vallejo Game Color paints and inks.

First up is a Reaper ‘Bones’ troll. Reaper’s Bones range is well known to everyone so I’m sure there’s no need to expand on that too much. However the sculpting on this model reminded me of 1985 buying my first Citadel troll by the Perry Twins  – Rattlebones Bowlegs.


The original Citadel C20 troll range held a fairly diverse set of characters of which 6 Perry Twin sculpts and 2 later Marauder models became my completed unit of 8 trolls for Warhammer from the early 1990s onwards.

Looking at the Reaper miniature, thinking about the C20 range (and seeing the prices those original castings now go for) got me thinking about alternative troll models.

In about 1993 a work colleague sold me a small shoe box of random lead miniatures he’d collected himself and acquired from an older cousin. The contents were a true delight of Citadel (pre and early slotta) and Grenadier models – many complete with random daubings of Humbrol enamel paint as expected.
Amongst it all was a Nick Lund troll sculpt with shield and stone war hammer. Although I had Lund’s Black Orc Mother Crusher miniatures as a regiment in my orc/goblin army this figure didn’t fit trollwise with the C20 range so always remained unpainted until lost in 2003 with the rest of my collection.

So with a desire to have a few different looking trolls but remembering the past I purchased an identical shoe box troll off eBay cheaply (minus shield but what self respecting troll would use a shield anyway??) and he painted up quite nicely in the same vein as the Reaper one.


This lead me to buy another Lund sculpt from eBay but he’s still at the undercoated stage so it’ll be a while until I form the traditional triumvirate of troll…



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