Reaper Evil Warrior – Anval Thricedamned

Recently I’ve been searching for cheaper options than Games Workshop’s command miniatures for a small fantasy generic evil/chaotic force I’m assembling. The figure of Anval Thricedamned caught my eye whilst searching through Reaper’s Bones range as a suitably imposing champion.

Reminiscent of Carl Critchlow’s Thrud the Barbarian – muscular to the extreme but with a miniscule head – he also put me in mind of the mutation ‘Pinhead’ from the D1000 chaos attribute chart in the ‘Slaves to Darkness’ book.

To be honest I wasn’t particularly taken with the original tiny head on Anval. The detail on it seemed pretty poor so I decided to swap it for a spare head from GW’s Warriors of Chaos box.


Whilst the soft plastic of Bones Miniatures might make face detail less defined in comparison to harder plastics it does have the advantage of making basic conversions like this very quick and easy to accomplish.


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