Grenadier Storm Giant vs Ral Partha Elves

I’ve been trying to concentrate on painting regiments rather than single figures lately. The reasoning is hopefully I’ll manage to have at least one completed small army/warband by the end of the year.

This kind of painting can be quite tiresome for someone with my time constraints – I average less than two hours of painting a night, and don’t paint every night. You have to hang in there through a fair few rounds of paint before a regiment finally pulls together and starts to look like a completed unit. At my current rate this can take weeks. That’s nothing like twenty years ago where I could whip out a unit and make a decent start on another all in the same weekend. No distractions or other commitments back then, just paint/base/varnish/repeat…

Occasionally it’s been nice to take a step back in the middle of all this block painting and get the brush onto something a bit different. Although it’s important not to get too sidetracked by individual figures when trying to paint armies it’s only early April so there’s still plenty of time to get a sizable force of regimented troops painted and based if I (mostly) stick to the plan.

So with that in mind this is the converted Grenadier Storm Giant I blogged about last year. He was painted and based over four sessions or so, time spent not just on him but around waiting on regiments to dry etc.

He’s painted up as a typically grubby giant, stood with a pair of 25mm Elves to give an idea of scale – Tom Meier sculpts from Ral Partha. All of these came in the same job lot of lead off eBay.




I have plans for this old boy to join an Orc warband consisting entirely of Nick Lund sculpted Orcs, of which I’ve currently collected about fifty, with plans to add more throughout the coming year for my next fantasy project.


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