Citadel “Elric of Melnibone” FTF-63 / C35

I had vague recollections of this figure from one of the early Citadel Journals or Compendiums. A quick look through the Stuff of Legends site confirmed it was in the 2nd Citadel Journal from Autumn 1985.

For some reason I thought it was part of the Men at Arms/Demon diorama by Dave Andrews, John Blanche and Tony Ackland but my memory had played a trick on me – not really surprising after 30 years! It was actually painted by Charles (Chaz) Elliott.

In the Journal there’s no clue to it’s actual code identity and is given the description ‘Elric of Melnibone’.

For Citadel to use this title must surely have meant they’d already secured the rights to produce figures for Moorcock’s Multiverse, although the BC5 Eternal Champion box set (the first of Citadel’s releases based on Moorcock’s writings) wasn’t available just yet.

With no clues to it’s identity I always assumed this figure was from the C01 Fighters range but I was wrong. It’s actually from an earlier range – ‘Fantasy Tribe Fighters’ (FTF) which originated sometime in 1982.
The C ranges were introduced in 1983 and some of the FTF miniatures were incorporated into these. This miniature then made the transition into the C35 Knights of Chaos range.

I never saw this figure for sale when I started buying miniatures from late 1984 onwards – I would have snapped it up if I had. This one is a recent purchase off eBay.


He was quickly painted up in similar colours to the Chaz Elliott miniature. I can’t say I’m happy with his eyes so chances are I’ll repaint them before he gets a coat of varnish.


After he’s varnished I’m unsure whether I should give him a good splashing/flicking of blood effect.

The two options I have in my paint box for this are:-

GW’s Blood for the Blood God – which can be used straight out of the pot.

Tamiya X27 Clear Red – which gives better results in my opinion but needs to mixed with a little black to make it less ‘candy/lollipop red’ and more blood-like for my tastes.

If you’ve never used either of these paints before I recommend you give them a try, just bear in mind they have to be applied AFTER any varnish to avoid ruining the glossy ‘wet blood look’ these paints give.


4 thoughts on “Citadel “Elric of Melnibone” FTF-63 / C35

  1. Azazel

    Knowing a little about the way things worked at Citadel (and the nascent gaming industry) at that point in time, they might not have even had the Elric licence when that figure was sculpted, named and sold…


    1. Somet Post author

      True, it’s funny how the poacher has turned gamekeeper if the rumours are true about just how protective the modern GW is over it’s IP and copyrights. The ‘Space Marine’ fiasco probably isn’t a one off.
      I think ‘cease and desist’ letters for using something even remotely similar would result from most company legal departments today. I have to admit with Citadel’s humour at the time I’m surprised they didn’t call him ‘Eric of Melbourne’…

      Liked by 1 person

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