C27 Goblin Fanatic

With my general apathy towards many figures deemed to be ‘Classic’ in the Oldhammer community the entire early/mid 80s C27 Goblin Fanatic range should be on my antipathy list.

Let’s face it, they were a pretty ropey set of miniatures. These figures were overly ‘cartoony’, crudely sculpted by anyone’s standards and the weapons they had were preposterous – just what was that giant boomerang all about?

That said I can’t bring myself to even consider disliking them even though they tick every box on my ‘everything wrong with miniatures in the 80s’ list.

I only own this one now (I used to own 4 of the ball and chain figures as fanatics in my Goblin regiments) but as much as I love them I can’t see myself buying anymore unless I spot a real bargain along the way…





2 thoughts on “C27 Goblin Fanatic

  1. Azazel

    I don’t think I ever had any of these pre-slotta Fanatics. The entire concept of them just hits the crazy and lighthearted part of Warhammer that always used to be present amongst the dirt and darkness of the background.


    1. Somet Post author

      You say you never owned any but at the time I bought my 4 original fanatics in 1985 I was buying lots of Goblinoids so it seems strange I only managed to buy a single blister of them. I also bought a couple of blisters of Lesser Goblins (soon to be erased from Warhammer history and replaced by Snotlings) around this time too and never managed to add more to them either. I can only assume the shop I used couldn’t/didn’t get more from GW/Citadel.

      The fanatics show up on eBay fairly regularly and tend not to sell for silly prices so there must have been plenty of them out there – just not in my old neck of the woods.

      The Goblins in 1st Edition Warhammer and the Forces of Fantasy supplement were particularly splendid I thought. It was a shame some of the details for these were lost in the 2nd and 3rd Editions of the game when Goblins became a more generic bunch of Orc lackies.

      Night Goblins made a comeback from 4th Edition onwards of course but they were cartooned down a lot in the fluff as part of the whole ‘Gobboes fing’ I’ve moaned about before. I much preferred their earlier incarnation.



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