Games Workshop Chaos Knight

British summertime. In the past I used to hang up my brush through July and August until the heat dropped off but this year I’m trying to paint right through. I realise some of you who read this would consider 30°C glacial for summer but for me, happier with lower UK temperatures, this increase brings two big problems for painting.

The first is that I find paint dries a lot faster than normal so I struggle to keep anything on my palette usable for any length of time. I need to dig out the Tupperware tub wet palette I made last year and see if this helps.

The second problem is heat induced lethargy, which explains both my lowered painting output and procrastination towards actually digging out the wet palette…

Anyway, the next Evil/Chaos Warband regiment I have ready for painting is a set of GW Chaos Knights. Rather than getting bogged down in the heat trying to start on all these at once I decided on taking my time and painting just one initially, experimenting with a slightly different approach to the armour and barding which if successful would be applied to the rest of the unit when the temperature drops a bit.

This figure is a late 90s metal GW Chaos Knight mounted on a modern plastic GW Chaos horse. It’s an extra figure I had, the rest of the unit are the modern plastic boxed set of 5 knights, armed with lances rather than just a hand weapon like this guy.

The models in this unit (both mounts and riders) have LOTS of plate armour. A basic leadbelcher/black wash/chainmail/silver highlighted metallic steel paint job, although incredibly quick, would also be incredibly boring.

I decided on an attempt at a more weathered antique look utilising bronze and brass metallics with washes and glazes to incorporate a more complex set of browns, greens and blues into the mix.

I was tempted with red for some of the cloth/leather but didn’t want to fall back on GW Khorne Red. Instead I used GW Screamer Pink as the base colour to give more purplish/pink tones.

Although black horses are of course the preferred mode of transport for Evil Knights everywhere the pale grey here works for me.

Overall I would describe it as a very subtle version of a Nurgle paint scheme – just a hint of sickly without going over the top. I’m quite happy with the result, although next time I think I’ll thin the glaze rather than using them straight from the pot to make the effect even more subtle.





5 thoughts on “Games Workshop Chaos Knight

    1. Somet Post author

      Thanks, I think the horse barding works best too. The armour on the knight looks a touch too green in places but I know how to improve that for next time.


  1. Azazel

    Nice work. I agree that sometimes a subtle hint of chaos (or Nurgle) is nice than the full monty. Though there’s a place for that as well, of course! The metal rider doesn’t look far off the plastics who replaced him later on. Will there be any more of these guys?


    1. Somet Post author

      Thanks, the logic was that these should pass as undivided chaos or generic evil knights first and foremost like the majority of the warband but as noted it would only take a couple more notches on the paint job for a ‘full Nurgle’.

      This metal rider is the only one I have, the rest will be the modern plastic set of Chaos Knights. You’re right, he’s very similar to the modern plastics, particularly the Chaos Warrior infantry figures which have the fur on the shoulders (but not the full fur cloak) and the large shields. His weapon and shield attached the same way as the infantry figures do too, at the end of the gloves. Not the most dynamic of figures but sinister enough for me at least.

      He was bought to fit on top of the Ral Partha riding lizard (the original mount for my Half Orc who’s now on a citadel pony) but he was too bulky and his fur cloak was almost tumbling off the lizard’s back legs.

      If I could find more like him cheaply I would snap them up. I think they’re great.

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