Games Workshop Chaos Knights – Full Unit

This is a unit I bought at the end of last year cheaply off eBay – I paid about half what GW charge so I felt like I got a bit of a bargain, although I have to admit I’ve kept putting off making it up.

The box sat on the shelf staring accusingly at me every time I passed it but it’s time finally came for assembly and paint to join the Chaos/Evil Warband.

I had an extra metal Chaos Knight that I’d experimented with the metallic finish on prior to painting the whole unit. I was quite happy with the result, just the final glaze on the armour needed a bit of a tweak but the rest of the colour scheme was good to go.

Extending the recipe out to the rest of the unit I loosened the glaze mix with Lahmian Medium to help tone down the glaze pigment to avoid the overly greeny finish that the experimental model’s armour had in places.

They’re quite imposing as models, this is mostly due to their size though as they are massive in comparison to other horse mounted troops.




I only have another regiment of Chaos Warrior infantry and a Chaos Chariot to paint to complete my Chaos/Evil Warband. It could technically use some more Chaos Warriors but I think I’m going to call it a day after painting what I have rather than buying more to add to it.

Hopefully I can paint these two boxes of models up well before the end of December which will mean I’ll have plenty of time for a few smaller painting projects before I start with my Nick Lund Orc Army next year – time will tell!


4 thoughts on “Games Workshop Chaos Knights – Full Unit

    1. Somet Post author

      Thanks! The recipe for the armour was based on one I’d seen online, unfortunately I can’t remember where. I adapted the original slightly by adding more highlights and thinning the glaze.

      The recipe I used –

      Base – VGC Tinny Tin
      Wash – GW Agrax Earthshade
      Layer – VGC Brassy Brass
      Wash – GW Coellia Greenshade
      Layer- GW Runelord Brass
      Layer – VGC Chainmail
      Layer – VGC Silver
      Glaze – 2:1:1 mix of GW Lahmian Medium, GW Gulliman Blue Glaze and GW Waywatcher Green Glaze.

      Application –

      Ensure the darker paints don’t get lost under the lighter highlights.

      Don’t flood the model with the Coellia Greenshade, keep it to the recesses and avoid pooling it on the flat bits.

      The Chainmail and Silver highlights just need to be applied with a small brush along the edges of the armour, not over everything.

      I found applying a straight 1:1 mix of the glazes tinted the model too much and gave it a very strong greeny blue effect. Diluting the glaze helped prevent with this but again don’t flood the model or it’ll look like over coloured metal.

      I hope that makes sense!



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