Wizard Repair Shop for Frostgrave

Q. Where do old wizards go to die?

A. They don’t. They just come to mine for a spruce up.

I got hold of a copy of Osprey’s Frostgrave last week. I’ve only managed to flick through it rather than absorb the rules in any depth but it seems like the kind of game I enjoy – it’s pretty much what my old friend L and I played thirty years ago with 1st/2nd Ed Warhammer. We obviously weren’t the only ones playing this sort of game as GW eventually released Mordheim, but I digress…

For those who don’t know Frostgrave is a miniatures based skirmish game involving small warbands lead by wizards who battle it out against each other for treasure/magic items in the frozen ruins of a city. The city was frozen under ice after a magical accident but is slowly thawing revealing it’s treasures to the adventurous. It’s designed for campaign play so your warband can improve with time/spoils of war but it can also be played as a one shot.

The game is played on a 3ft square board with a maximum of ten models required to make a warband – a wizard, their apprentice and 8 soldier types. This is a pretty low level entry that seems perfect for me. The game requires a fair amount of scenery but the frozen ruined remains of buildings don’t strike me as overly difficult to create, and forty or so models easily covers a couple of warbands plus some random wandering encounter monsters should the need arise. Hardly a huge time or money commitment.

So first things first I need some wizards. 

In ‘job lot old lead’ auctions I’ve won on eBay since starting painting again I’ve accumulated a few. Most of these were really old sculpts that were already damaged, the usual casualty being the tops of staffs – they rarely seem to survive. I’ve repaired one of these before now and put it on the blog. As long as you have a pin vice and some micro drills it’s very easily done.

The following are the most likely suspects out of my lead lump, I’d be surprised if any of them were sculpted after 1985. I have several others but the ones here are the ‘less puny looking’ of my 25mm scale magic user collection. They should work well alongside some 28mm modern plastic figures I’ll use for the soldiers. These will follow later.

No. 1 – I have no idea who manufactured this guy but the top of his staff is missing.


No.2 – This is a C02 Citadel Wizard from around the mid 80s. His outstretched hand has sheared off, a common problem for this miniature it seems.


No.3 – Again I have no idea who made this. At first I suspected he’d been filed or cut off his base but he still bears the code ‘F7’ underneath so he hasn’t been tampered with. His staff has snapped and the remaining section is thin lead and is bent completely out of shape.


No.4 – The last one is undamaged and just needed some mould lines removing. She’s a Michael Perry Citadel sculpt from the early 80s – FA16 Female Wizard with Staff.


Time for these to get some TLC in Somet’s Salon…

No.1 – I drilled out the top of his staff and added a flame top from an Empire Flagellant arm.


No.2 – His hand was replaced with one from the Empire Flagellant Stock figure, simply drilled and pinned with a little piece of wire for strength.


No.3 – The old bendy staff was drilled out and replaced with a piece of wire topped with a skull from (surprise surprise) the Chaos Warrior infantry set.


No.4 – Just mould line removal for this one.


All were rebased onto 25mm round slottas for use with Frostgrave. I can’t see another use for these so didn’t use square bases.

I’ll be painting these over the next week or so around the assembly of more Chaos Warriors.


4 thoughts on “Wizard Repair Shop for Frostgrave

    1. Somet Post author

      Thanks, it felt good to drag these guys from the lead pile and give them a new lease of life. I’m looking forward to putting some paint on them!


    1. Somet Post author

      Thanks, they’re a proper set of old school wizards for sure!
      You’re not far wrong about the verdigris either. When I was drilling to pin the hand on the Citadel C02 wizard the lead from the hole was crumbling into dust rather than burring out – ‘lead rot’ I’m sure. I’m going to varnish him well to try and ensure he doesn’t crumble anymore.

      I’m going to paint them all up first and then decide which I’ll personally use. The rest will be used as spares for any opponents that want to play but don’t have suitable miniatures – none of my RPG group collect miniatures.



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