C35 Chaos Warrior – Daethskar

This was the first Chaos Warrior I really wanted as a kid back in 1985. One of my brothers had bought me the SS3 Knights of Chaos box set but when I spotted this amongst the newer C35 releases in the Third Compendium it was instantly on my want list.

My regular Saturday morning trips to the local Model Shop finally revealed a C35 blister with this chap in it, alongside ‘Nud Spinespittle’ and ‘Bone Racker’.
‘Bone Racker’ was a poor sculpt and to make matters worse mine was badly cast. ‘Nud Spinespittle’ was more of a precursor to the Chaos Thug sculpts (aka Marauders nowadays) than a Warrior to my mind. But I wanted Daethskar so I bit the bullet and parted with my £1.95. It wasn’t a bad return, all three of them remained in my original collection for 18 years until 2003.

So when it came to look for leader miniatures for my Chaos/Evil Warband I couldn’t resist buying him and putting him back into service for the Dark Gods.



4 thoughts on “C35 Chaos Warrior – Daethskar

  1. mcdwarf

    Lovely annecdote, cool mini and an ace paint job. Sometimes it’s not the quality of the figure that’s important. If the figure (ahem) speaks to you, that’s the most important thing. Personally I’m still waiting to re-purchase my first Imperial Dwarf (Bob) from eBay at a price that’s not ridiculous.

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    1. Somet Post author

      Thanks, good luck on finding Bob. EBay has become more and more ridiculous, particularly this last few years. Rather than just listing figures at sensible bid prices more and more people list (and constantly re-list) items at stupid buy it now prices. Eventually the bubble will burst I hope!


  2. Azazel

    Great work. This guy is also famous for being on the cover art of 3rd Edition of WHFB. I think I’ve got him kicking around here somewhere as well, and your paintwork here makes me want to dig mine out and paint him up as well!

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    1. Somet Post author

      Thanks, I’d totally forgotten he was lurking in that picture. I looked at it properly today for the first time in years and of course the Magic User on the right is supposed to be the old pre slotta Chaos Sorcerer you often see on eBay.

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