Frostgrave Random Encounters – Giant Rats

In the Frostgrave rulebook there’s a section covering random encounters that the players may experience – pretty much along the lines of the monster tables you would find in old school RPGs.

A quick jot up and I’ll need something like 37 creatures to complete the random encounters table. It’s not quite as many as it sounds from a painting perspective because some of these creatures are encountered in multiples – for instance in that 37 I’ll need to paint up 4 giant rats, 3 armoured skeletons, 2 zombies etc etc. There are some scenarios in the book that call for more figures which I’ll cover in time too.

I’ve decided to try and do this as cheaply as possible, collecting and painting up what I need over the next few months, around my other projects of scenery building and finishing off my Chaos/Evil Warband.

So to start here are the giant rats (I only needed 4 but I painted the whole pack of 6).

I had a bit of a dilemma deciding which giant rats to use. I weighed up various options but decided on using Reaper Bones figures, not only because they looked the most rat like but also because they were exceptionally cheap – less than £3 for a pack of 6.

When they arrived I have to admit I was a little underwhelmed. They’re smaller than I anticipated (and I expected small!) and the detail on their bodies was a little lacking, even by Bones standards. On the plus side I liked the bases they were sat on, small squares imitating stone paving – very Frostgrave.

Rather than buying alternatives I stuck with them, my reasoning being they’re only rats after all and they would only ever be a minor nuisance to Warbands. In comparison to other creatures they’d unlikely to be the highlight of any game so I wasn’t too bothered if they didn’t create a huge visual impact in play.

They painted up very quickly and although the finer details aren’t great they definitely have a real rat feel to them that is missing from some of the larger sculpts that often make rats look too shaggy furred and lupine in appearance.


I quite like how they fit neatly onto 20mm round slotta bases too. Scale wise against 28mm figures I’d compare them to a smallish dog – so whilst they’re not huge they’d still be a worry to an unprepared or wounded PC.



3 thoughts on “Frostgrave Random Encounters – Giant Rats

    1. Somet Post author

      Thanks, I was trying to go for the beady eye look. Although they’re the worse reaper bones figures I’ve painted from a detail point of view I’m quite keen on their general ratty feel – just don’t look too closely!

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