Frostgrave Random Encounters – Wraith

I’ve always liked the idea of Wraiths in games so I was looking forward to painting one up, if only I could find one I actually liked.

In a perfect world I’d have preferred to have used the old Citadel ME64 Ring Wraith as it’s probably my all time favourite cloaked ethereal/undead miniature, however I’m not prepared to pay the prices that these go for on eBay nowadays so I needed to find an alternative.

The later GW range of metal undead figures (circa 1993 onwards) are pretty awful in my opinion so I didn’t want to use any of those.

A lot of people use Mantic’s undead figures nowadays and from most reports they seem to be okay on the whole, particularly in comparison to other ranges produced by Mantic (yes, I’m looking at you Basilean infantrymen) – The problem is I don’t actually like the Wraiths they produce, they’re very reminiscent of the early 90s GW figures.

The best looking alternative I could find was one of the GW Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit Ring Wraiths which I picked up for about £3 including postage off eBay.


I didn’t want the cloak to be a straight black/grey paint job so opted for dark green. For some reason the photo makes the paint job look darker and duller than it actually is, the green is much richer in natural light. Never mind, it’s one more miniature off the list!


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