Frostgrave Random Encounters – Zombies

Oh Mantic, we’ve had our problems haven’t we? I can’t stay mad at you forever though. Come here and give me a hug…

I bought a single sprue of Mantic zombies as I needed a couple for Frostgrave. I have to admit I only bought these because I realised they looked very similar assembly wise to the ghouls I’d bought some time ago which were great and glued together perfectly.

The sprue arrived bearing the reassuring mark of ‘Renedra’ on it – phew! The moulding was great, as to be expected from a company as well regarded as Renedra, and the sculpting by Mantic was splendid too.

It’s been pretty much exactly 20 years since I last painted Zombies – the Autumn of 1995 in fact. Then it was a unit of 30 metal GW Zombies, mostly Kev Adams sculpts first seen in the Spring 1986 Citadel Journal. I’d bought them in a sale at the GW Beckenham Store (long gone!) in early 1993 during a big sell off of their older ranges.

I used a black undercoat on those zombies (unusual for me back then as I usually used white) and built the colours up leaving the dark recesses.

These modern Mantic versions are much more refined and “realistic” than the old GW sculpts so I tackled them with my usual approach.


By coincidence Azazel painted up and displayed some of these on his blog here just as I’d assembled and undercoated mine ready for painting.

I’d commented on his blog about how these zombies are huge in comparison to other 28mm figures and he agreed. What I’ve spotted since then is that Mantic describe Kings of War as a mass combat game using 30mm figures. That’ll explain it then!


One thought on “Frostgrave Random Encounters – Zombies

  1. Azazel

    Heh, Mantic wouldn’t know a consistent model scale if someone beat them over the head with one. A good number of their models are considerably smaller than 30mm figures or even 28mm ones. They have heroically-scaled models and many “truescale”.

    More on point, they did a good job with the Zombies and Ghouls, and your Frostgrave contingent here look suitably grotty and disgusting!



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