Frostgrave Random Encounters – Imp

The list of miniature possibilities for this were endless really. Some of the runners and riders were GW’s Snotlings, Nurglings, Chaos Familiars and even some of the Carrion Riders from the 90s without their mounts. Other contenders included Reaper Miniatures Mites, Goblin Pyros and Familiars. The Hasslefree Miniatures Demon Child was also a strong runner.

In the end I settled on some Malifaux Terror Tots and although I technically only needed 1 for my Frostgrave project there was no point leaving the other 2 on the sprues.

In typical Malifaux style these are interesting little sculpts. They put me mind of something between ‘When Cherubs go bad’ (surely Channel 5 in the UK will use that as TV series title eventually) and ‘Evil Stewie’ from Family Guy. They may be a little too well armed for some people’s tastes as troublesome mini demons but for me they’re not wildly over the top.


I tried to steer clear of purple and red tones for the skin as I didn’t want them looking too demonic but at the same time I didn’t want them looking too human either. I also put them on 20mm slottas rather than the 25/30mm lipped bases they came with to make them feel a little more slight and impish.


4 thoughts on “Frostgrave Random Encounters – Imp

    1. Somet Post author

      Thanks. Definitely have a look at the Malifaux range if it gets discounted, there’s some really interesting stuff amongst it. I still have no idea what Malifaux is all about as a game though!


  1. Somet Post author

    They’re plastic. The arms, head and what could best be described as ‘wing buds’ need gluing to the body if that helps.



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