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Plans for the New Year – Kings of War

There’s nothing new finished to report here this week. Starting a new job while trying to recover from a bad dose of man flu has severely sidetracked me from the Frostgrave project this last couple of weeks – so much so I’ve not managed anything new.

I’ve tried to keep going but admittedly found it too much like hard work. This means I’ve spent more time planning than painting.

With the death of Warhammer I’ve decided I want to give KOW a go next year. To add to my list of Frostgrave miniatures I fancy doing some quick Undead, Dwarf and Orc Armies to use with KOW.

There’s no way I can paint what I’d already planned for next year on top of all this of course so the Nick Lund Orc Army I’ve been collecting is going on a back burner for now. It’ll give me chance to acquire more figures for it which is no bad thing, I really fancy adding some wolf riders and more archers which will take some time to source at sensible prices.

I know some of you play KOW and I’d be interested on your thoughts and experiences with it. I assume 2nd Ed is the best version to get? Is the hardback 2nd Ed book worth getting for the background fluff or is it better to forget all about that and stick with the sofback version that just covers the rules? How does it play in comparison to WFB? Opinions greatly welcomed!

Obviously trying to paint 3 armies within a year and finishing my Frostgrave project is going to be a real push but as Baldrick would say ‘I have a cunning plan’… More of which I will reveal in the New Year.

Anyway, for those of you I don’t communicate with beforehand here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year. Please keep visiting my blog when it continues with a regular weekly update in early January!

In the meantime with nothing new to show you here’s a group shot I found lurking on my memory card of some of the miniatures I’d finished towards the end of last year – just look how shiny and new my cutting mat looked!


Frostgrave Random Encounters – Vampire

Recently I bemoaned the lack of decent spider sculpts throughout the years I’ve been in and out of the hobby. It seems spiders aren’t the only creatures with a dearth of suitable miniature representation. The vampire has a rough ride too.

Now I’d have thought there would have been a plethora of figures given the age long popularity of these creatures. Not so it seems. Yes there are¬†ranges out there but the ones that aren’t downright crap and are suitable for fantasy (i.e. avoiding modern clothing and weaponry) tend to portray vampires in a very stylised way…


For me this cliche doesn’t work with fantasy settings – hiding early 20th century formal evening wear under a cloak looks odd.

Another option was to use a standard figure instead, say a mage or cleric. This felt a bit of a cop out so I dropped the idea. Time to look properly for a vampire…

Reaper Miniatures do about the best vampire suitable for use with fantasy but low and behold as soon as I came to buy one there were none available on eBay. Typical!

So in the end I settled on an old GW figure from the early 90s that I managed to pick up for about ¬£3. It’s actually a sculpt I used to own back in 1993 that made his way into my undead army.


It appears to still be fairly popular as a miniature now and despite what the Buy It Now prices on eBay would have you believe it’s not rare. I’ve seen it used regularly in people’s battle reports for undead armies – it appears to be getting just as much use now in KOW as it ever did in WFB.

Frostgrave Random Encounters – Ghouls (plus some treasure tokens)

Not a lot to report here this week. I’ve been spending a large chunk of my hobby time constructing some scratch built scenery and that really has eaten into my figure painting schedule.

I have a couple of things to show though. First up are some treasure tokens – resin pieces from Dark Arts Studio. Not the most realistic pieces from a sculpting point of view but I think they have plenty of charm.


I had planned to make treasure tokens using items from old sprues and green stuff but these are so cheap I might just buy a few more of these and save myself the time.

Next up is a couple of Mantic Ghouls. These guys have been on the blog before so no need to talk about them in any detail. The only change is that I’ve re-based them and redone the gore effects as I made the mistake of applying it before the varnish last time.


I’ll hopefully have more to show next week!