Frostgrave Random Encounters – Vampire

Recently I bemoaned the lack of decent spider sculpts throughout the years I’ve been in and out of the hobby. It seems spiders aren’t the only creatures with a dearth of suitable miniature representation. The vampire has a rough ride too.

Now I’d have thought there would have been a plethora of figures given the age long popularity of these creatures. Not so it seems. Yes there are ranges out there but the ones that aren’t downright crap and are suitable for fantasy (i.e. avoiding modern clothing and weaponry) tend to portray vampires in a very stylised way…


For me this cliche doesn’t work with fantasy settings – hiding early 20th century formal evening wear under a cloak looks odd.

Another option was to use a standard figure instead, say a mage or cleric. This felt a bit of a cop out so I dropped the idea. Time to look properly for a vampire…

Reaper Miniatures do about the best vampire suitable for use with fantasy but low and behold as soon as I came to buy one there were none available on eBay. Typical!

So in the end I settled on an old GW figure from the early 90s that I managed to pick up for about £3. It’s actually a sculpt I used to own back in 1993 that made his way into my undead army.


It appears to still be fairly popular as a miniature now and despite what the Buy It Now prices on eBay would have you believe it’s not rare. I’ve seen it used regularly in people’s battle reports for undead armies – it appears to be getting just as much use now in KOW as it ever did in WFB.


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