Plans for the New Year – Kings of War

There’s nothing new finished to report here this week. Starting a new job while trying to recover from a bad dose of man flu has severely sidetracked me from the Frostgrave project this last couple of weeks – so much so I’ve not managed anything new.

I’ve tried to keep going but admittedly found it too much like hard work. This means I’ve spent more time planning than painting.

With the death of Warhammer I’ve decided I want to give KOW a go next year. To add to my list of Frostgrave miniatures I fancy doing some quick Undead, Dwarf and Orc Armies to use with KOW.

There’s no way I can paint what I’d already planned for next year on top of all this of course so the Nick Lund Orc Army I’ve been collecting is going on a back burner for now. It’ll give me chance to acquire more figures for it which is no bad thing, I really fancy adding some wolf riders and more archers which will take some time to source at sensible prices.

I know some of you play KOW and I’d be interested on your thoughts and experiences with it. I assume 2nd Ed is the best version to get? Is the hardback 2nd Ed book worth getting for the background fluff or is it better to forget all about that and stick with the sofback version that just covers the rules? How does it play in comparison to WFB? Opinions greatly welcomed!

Obviously trying to paint 3 armies within a year and finishing my Frostgrave project is going to be a real push but as Baldrick would say ‘I have a cunning plan’… More of which I will reveal in the New Year.

Anyway, for those of you I don’t communicate with beforehand here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year. Please keep visiting my blog when it continues with a regular weekly update in early January!

In the meantime with nothing new to show you here’s a group shot I found lurking on my memory card of some of the miniatures I’d finished towards the end of last year – just look how shiny and new my cutting mat looked!



8 thoughts on “Plans for the New Year – Kings of War

    1. Somet Post author

      Until your reply I didn’t know 9th Age was even a thing! I shouldn’t have been surprised really, there was no way WFB would sink completely without a trace. I have two reservations though. Primarily I fancy a change from Warhammer (but it’s good to know it’s still out there in a living format) but more importantly I can’t stand PDFs – I’m a real Luddite at heart.


  1. mcdwarf

    Nice paint jobs! KOW2 is great. Unless you play dwarves and have amassed lots of artillery which is now pretty innefectual – curses. I bought the hardback as I like background fluff. It doesn’t effect the game enjoyment but for an extra fiver it’s worth it. If you love the Warhammer back story, you won’t find ‘Mantica’ as rich so maybe buy the new kow army lists book as it stats-up the equivalent races and bolt it all on to the old world story and you’re away.

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    1. Somet Post author

      Thanks, I find that quite encouraging that artillery isn’t as high powered/destructive as it could be – Sorry that it’s screwed with your Dwarfish plans for battlefield domination though!

      I wouldn’t have expected Mantica to be as well detailed as the Old World – let’s face it, it had 30 years of literature on it, including novels. That’s some back story to compete with! Is Mantica a fairly generic fantasy background?


  2. Azazel

    I find the Mantic background one I can take or leave – and mostly leave to tell you the truth. But then I’m grumpy and a bit “over” every new game’s new “unique” takes on the exact same Warhammer-Tolkien-esque fantasy worlds.
    I’m happy enough playing my KoW games in a melange of The Old World and Middle-Earth – with various RL historical periods to be thrown in at some stage soonish. The only consolation I give them is the Basilean Empire – which is loosely based on the Byzantine Empire but in a Fantasy sense. I decided to use my Rackham Confrontation pre-paints as veguely “Western” and “Eastern” Late Roman Empire-themed forces using the Basilean lists…
    Also, set up that thing that makes your webpage email your subscribers when you post a new post!
    And have a Happy New Year as well!



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