Ral Partha Firbolg

Another miniature I used to own back in the day which I’ve recently re-purchased second hand on eBay.

The Fir Bolg are of course a people in Irish/Celtic mythology so I’ve no idea where Ral Partha got the idea that this Giant type miniature resembling a Dwarf Berserker was some sort of Fir Bolg but hey ho – probably some crap 80s AD&D ‘creation’ from the TSR days.

The mythical Fir Bolg left Eire and settled in Greece before returning. This particular miniature came to me from a seller in France.

As far as fantasy back story I’ve always wanted to use him as a Giant that had been raised and adopted by Dwarfs since birth and so thought of himself as Dwarfish, hence his look. A joke/oxymoron ‘Dwarf Giant’ if you wish.


It’s all been a bit quiet here on my blog recently. Purely down to real life not allowing me much time do anything hobby wise other than minimal painting, my weekly gaming session with friends and listening to some gaming podcasts.

With this in mind I have a twitter account should anyone be interested – @HobgoblinOrange – the garbled reminiscences of miniatures and RPGs from yesteryear and talk about more modern things. In other words a continuation of this blog. Engage if you can!


10 thoughts on “Ral Partha Firbolg

  1. Tarmor

    Very well done! I’ve got that figure… I should get it out and paint it myself. From memory it was one of a series of AD&D giant figures that they produced at the time. It’s the only one I kept because unlike the others (I also had a Fire giant and Hill giant) this one is about the right scale for the current D&D Firbolg.

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    1. Somet Post author

      Thanks! Yes, I’m still keen on the Fire Giant if it’s the one in scale armour about to take a swipe with his two handed sword. I’ve tried to bid on few on eBay but never managed to win one.


  2. Azazel

    Nice work on this guy. He fits as a “Dwarven Giant”. Googling “Fir Bolg” gave me lots of similar pictures, so you’re right. It’s a Gygax misnomer, right along with my own bugbear – “Gorgon”.

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    1. Somet Post author

      Thanks. Ah yes, Gorgons in D&D being bull type creatures instead of Humanoid Females like Medusa etc? I’ve always thought D&D was full of stupid stuff – you mentioned the word ‘bugbear’ – if Gygax hadn’t already used this in the 1st Ed I’m sure it would have materialised in later Editions as a creature that was a cross between an insect and a bear!

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      1. Azazel

        That’s the one! I see you spotted my little joke as well – at least (according to wikipedia) bugbears have some traditional relationships to “hobgoblins”, or at least the name – so they got rolled into the goblinoid family in D&D. I think you’re right, though – a bear with the head of a preying mantis, perhaps?


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