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Frostgrave Combatants Pt 8- Knights

‚ÄčFirst things first – I’m not dead yet. I hope you’re not either.

I bought a job lot of mostly Essex Miniatures Medievals off eBay to help boost my Frostgrave Soldier collection knowing they were simple sculpts that could be quickly painted up.

So first up is a foot knight treated to a simple paint job.

The second figure is more interesting as it’s a Bishop miniature that has always made me smile when looking through the Essex website.

He’s probably best described as a portly gentlemen, clearly more used to elbowing his way to front of the monastery lunch queue than the battlefield.

It looks like he’s giving it a good go though with a rousing sermon to convince the wary serfs that death is all part of their duty to the Lord, and that this unquestioning loyalty will ensure their souls avoid purgatory.

In Frostgrave he’ll just be used as a Knight.

The pair together.