Frostgrave Random Encounters – Boar (plus some more Treasure Tokens)

It’s suprisingly difficult to pick up a single boar miniature suitable for Frostgrave.

The limited wild boar miniatures out there seem to be made either as scenery/tokens for games like SAGA (too tiny) or pork monsters resplendent in armour and saddles (massive) to be used as mounts.

A cheap compromise was found for my Frostgrave.

This is an old (1993) Games Workshop plastic boar from a junk eBay lot meant to be ridden by an orc. Not surprisingly that means it’s a horse sized beast in comparison to other animals in 28mm. It’s Hogzilla. It’s also missing it’s tusks. Meh, it’ll do. Next!

I’ve also painted up some more treasure tokens. Three money piles made by Dark Art Studio – cheap and cheerful and nothing to write home about, plus a couple of kitbashed tokens using various leftover sprue bits and an old Citadel brazier that I got in another job lot eBay auction.

4 thoughts on “Frostgrave Random Encounters – Boar (plus some more Treasure Tokens)

    1. Somet Post author

      Thanks, I will do a group shot of the entire Random Encounter table when I’ve finished, not long to go now. This however means I have the potentially tricky snow leopard to tackle soon – which I’ll admit I’ve been putting off!

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      1. Somet Post author

        A little bit of both tbh! I have a Deezee Miniatures Dinofelis lined up to use, haven’t been entirely convinced by any other of the Leopard/Panther/Puma/mountain lion etc figures I’ve seen so far. Suggestions greatfully considered!


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