Frostgrave Random Encounters – ‘Snow’ Trolls 

Over the last few years I’ve managed to repurchase two of my favourite Citadel C20 Trolls that I owned back in the 1980s, sculpted by the Perry Twins in 1984. I bought them because a) they were inexpensive as far as these sculpts go and b) because I still love them 32 years after first laying eyes on them.

When I started compiling a list for the random encounter creatures in Frostgrave I initially resisted the idea of using these for it, thinking I’d save them for a (as of yet unspecified) “grander plan”.

After searching for Trolls to paint for Frostgrave nothing appealed to me so I changed my mind and used them. 

When painting the Frost Giant for Frostgrave I wrote about flesh tones and how I planned to use grey for the Trolls. This hasn’t happened for two reasons. Firstly I was worried they’d get washed out in the standard basing I’m using for the project – battleship grey. It helps if figures can stand out from this and I didn’t think grey skinned trolls would. Secondly I couldn’t bring myself to paint these old figures in anything other than green!

I did however go for paler skin tones than the standard ‘goblin green’ that predominated GW Goblinoid armies from 1985 onwards. In fact, with all those Orcs, Goblins, Snotlings, Trolls (until blue and grey became their thing) and Hobgoblins PLUS using it for painting bases Games Workshop must have sold A LOT of Goblin Green paint in the 80s and 90s… 


Troll 1 – Hobol Firebreath

Troll 2 – Grog Stuntycrusher

The pair together.

13 thoughts on “Frostgrave Random Encounters – ‘Snow’ Trolls 

  1. Azazel

    Very cool to see such old models, and moreso ones that hold up so well today. I especially like Hobol Firebreath and will have to see if I can get hold of one myself someday. Yours has a lovely almost watercolour look to him that reminds me of the very old White Dwarfs around and before issue 100.

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  2. daggerandbrush

    These chaps are awesome. The best part is that one looks really bored, the other really exhausted raising that rock up. Lovely models and excellent paintjob. I always find it visually pleasing (as far as possible with regard to the subject matter) when the pustules are a different colour to the skin on trolls. Adds interest and contrast.

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  3. Ann

    They are nice models, I agree, and stand up well to time. If you don’t mind elucidating, how did you do the flesh? I agree it is a nice, lighter change the the usual thing you see. I’m thinking of painting some Nurgle guys soon and I was thinking maybe I’d try a test model and try to get it looking something like what you did here.

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    1. Somet Post author

      Sorry, I forgot about that bit. Yes, white primer. Although to be fair my first Coat(s) obliterate the primer underneath (except maybe black) so my painting style is very unsubtle!

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