Frostgrave Random Encounters – Wolves 

I initially bought a box of GW Fenrisian Wolves for this but they turned out to be a little too big for Frostgrave in my opinion.

I decided to save them for later projects and instead got hold of a couple of Ral Partha wolves from the early/mid 90s.


4 thoughts on “Frostgrave Random Encounters – Wolves 

  1. Ann

    Definitely not natural wolves in the sense there is a lot more going on emotionally in their faces than I’d be comfortable seeing in a “natural” animal. 🙂

    Nicely painted!

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    1. Somet Post author

      Thanks! They’re not really ‘lupine’ at all as sculpts, they’ve definitely got an unnatural look to them. To be fair my wolf paint jobs tend to look more coyote which probably isnt helping much either! 😀



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