Grenadier Undead

A couple of Undead from the Fantasy Warrior era of Grenadier Miniatures, circa 1990. From the sculpting style I reckon they were designed by Nick Lund although most of the Undead ranges designed for Fantasy Warrior were done by Mark Copplestone and Bob Naismith I think. 


6 thoughts on “Grenadier Undead

    1. Somet Post author

      Thanks Mike. Lund is best known for his Orcs and Dwarves but some of his other sculpts deserve a second look. I particularly love his Ogres and have lots ready to be painted up at some point in the future.


  1. daggerandbrush

    The sculpts are not great, but they convey well the idea of the shambling dead. I think you nailed the skintone. It works very well with the pale blue and purple. Using these colours also makes them appear as a unit.

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    1. Somet Post author

      Yes, Nick Lund (who I assume did these – they’re very much his style if not!) isn’t everyones cup of tea as a sculptor. Thanks, the skintone is close to the classic GW ‘rotten flesh’


      1. Somet Post author

        Reply sent without me finishing! I meant to say “close to the GW ‘rotten flesh’ but using the Vallejo Game Color alternative.”


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