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Frostgrave Warband Combatants (finished project)

It’s been a bit quiet on the blog this last few weeks. I’ve been busy assembling/kit bashing/scratch building both miniatures and terrain pieces so have lots on the go but nothing’s finished yet and can’t show anything new.

Given I’ve finished my Frostgrave project recently I thought I’d put a few completed group photos of it on the blog, starting with Warband Combatants. The plan will be to re-paint all the bases for these adding mosses/dried grass etc.

First some Wizards. The snow mix I used when I originally did these has discoloured considerably. I dislike snowy bases. I dislike yellow snow even more. These are top of the list for rebasing.

A selection of Warband Combatants. A mix of both metal and plastic figures from various manufacturers. Seems I’m missing the last 3 Essex Miniatures I painted.

Treasure tokens. Also looks like I’m missing the Citadel demon brazier for this photo.

Next time I’ll cover the random encounter creatures.

Frostgrave Combatants Pt2 – Archers

Last time I showed some Fireforge Foot Sergeants that I’ll be using as Men at Arms and Crossbowmen in Frostgrave.

This post shows some more Soldiers – this time Archers from the GW Bretonnian Archer box set.



Again these are based purely for use with Frostgrave and have been painted in similar colours to the Fireforge Foot Sergeants.