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Grenadier Undead

A couple of Undead from the Fantasy Warrior era of Grenadier Miniatures, circa 1990. From the sculpting style I reckon they were designed by Nick Lund although most of the Undead ranges designed for Fantasy Warrior were done by Mark Copplestone and Bob Naismith I think. 


Grenadier Barbarian Shaman

This chap has sat around on the ‘half painted shelf’ for way too long so I decided to pull my finger out and get him finished to free up spaceĀ  – which we all know is to make room so I can put another half finished miniature in the spot he occupied. He is of course a Mark Copplestone Barbarian Shaman.


Originally part of the Grenadier Fantasy Warriors range from the early 90s, the moulds are now owned and produced by Mirliton in Italy.


This one came from a job lot of Barbarians on eBay so I assume he’s an older casting rather than a modern Italian import – not that it makes any difference.