Citadel Goblins

Various mixed Goblins here. included are some C12/C13 Great/Night Goblins from the early 80s, the original Grom model and trooper from the first version of the RR3 Regiment of Renown set, a couple of later C12 Goblins and finally Grizlock the Hobgoblin from the 2nd Dungeon Monsters Starter Set.

C13 Night Goblin

RR3 Grom and Trooper

C12 Great Goblin

C12 Goblins (from the later 80s)

Grizlock the Hobgoblin

Group shot

4 thoughts on “Citadel Goblins

  1. daggerandbrush

    Excellent work on this squad. My favourites are the one with the goatee and the one with the moustache. Goblins do not feature facial hair, often and your colour choice achieves a nice contrast with the green skin.

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    1. Somet Post author

      Thanks, these guys are primarily destined for 5th ed D&D encounters however with a few archers they could used for Frostgrave.

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